Shabi Asghar
President & CEO

Shabi has been in the mortgage industry for nearly 35 years. While a long tenure in the industry is far from unique, what is unique is the nature of his tenure in mortgage.

Ever since his first management job in 1989, Shabi has never joined an existing organization that was already up and running; he’s always been a founder or first or second employee.  As a serial entrepreneur, Shabi has an impressive track record, having led many powerhouse mortgage brands including New Century Mortgage, Encore Credit Corporation, Bear Stearns Residential Mortgage, and Royal Pacific Funding among many others.

Shabi currently serves as the president and CEO of N2 Funding, his most recent endeavor, where he sets the vision and strategic direction for the company. Around the office, Shabi can often be found talking to brokers and account executives on his cell phone or spreading good cheer with the employees in the office.

When Shabi is not in the office, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his son and daughter who are the greatest source of pride and inspiration for him.

Fun Facts about Shabi:

  • At 18, he rode a motorcycle by himself across the U.S. to go to college. It took him 3 days. He was probably listening to Springsteen, one of his favorite musicians, the entire way.
  • He is a loyal Lakers fan and his all time favorite athletes are Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Muhammed Ali and Tom Brady.  He’s drawn to Winners.  😊 Shabi’s  favorite movies are The Godfather and It’s a Wonderful Life

Pam Scheidt
Chief Operating Officer

Pam has been in the mortgage industry since graduating college, thriving in both Retail and Wholesale environments. She has spent the last 18 years dedicated to Wholesale Operations and serving the broker community.

Pam was an independent broker owner early in her career, which exposed her to firsthand experience of the broker’s perspective. She has insights on what brokers need and expect from a wholesale lender, helping to give N2 Funding an upper hand when it comes to serving our valued broker partners. She focuses on the processing flow to help improve the overall broker experience. From onboarding a loan to closing, Pam fine-tunes each role to improve accuracy and timeliness, ultimately resulting in higher profits and better customer service!

Since Pam is an expert on all things lending, it is no surprise that she is the fountain of knowledge for many of our employees. Pam is a great source of inspiration as the entire N2 team is drawn to her unmatched character and integrity. Her office does double duty as a therapy room as everyone unloads on her frequently since she has elevated listening to an artform and is everyone’s most trusted advisor. The true essence of Pam is that no matter what the topic, everyone always feels better after having spoken to her.

Even though Pam is referred to as the “Mom” of N2 Funding, she is actually the proud mother of three grown children outside of work, as well as her two shiatzus Rocky & Sophie. She is most inspired by her own mother, who she says is the strongest, smartest, and most loving person she knows.

Fun Facts about Pam:

  • She was in the Miss California Beauty Pageant when she was 19 years old.
  • She is a HUGE sports fan, especially when cheering on the Boston Red Sox.
  • Her favorite novel is The Catcher in the Rye, which she reads every holiday season!

Jeff Baker
Vice President, Sales

Jeff has worked in the mortgage industry for over 30 years and has gained experience in all aspects of the business. During his mortgage career, he has earned multiple awards including Account Executive of the Year, Number One Regional Manager of the Year, and the Top Producer award.

In his current role as the Vice President of Sales at N2 Funding, Jeff is committed to working closely with his talented team to create a seamless loan process for his brokers. Jeff’s extensive knowledge base allows him to provide the highest level of guidance for new and loyal broker partners.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife and adult children. He is most inspired by his mother who he says has a courageous attitude and never gives up.

Fun acts about Jeff:

  1. He knows how to sew and loves to garden.
  2. His favorite books are the “Jack Reacher” series.
  3. The best place he has ever visited is Hawaii!

Gary Williamson
Vice President, Sales

Gary graduated from the University of Southern California in 1985 with a business degree in Real Estate Finance. After graduation, he immediately started pursuing a career within the mortgage industry. He spent time exploring both sides of retail and wholesale.

Early in his career, he worked with Encore Credit Corp where he operated as the Director of Finance and ran the biggest division within the company. It is also the place where he solidified major business and life-long friends in the industry, many of whom he still works with at N2 Funding today. After his long and successful career, Gary is now the Vice President of Sales where he has finished as the top volume producer numerous times. He is inspired by all good-natured and honest people who are ready to have fun, and he says life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

In his free time, he enjoys golfing with friends. He is also a proud father of 3 sons, and a dedicated husband to his wife, Marie, who he says has put up with him even longer than he has been in the mortgage industry!

Fun Facts about Gary:

  1. His favorite book is Rabbit is Rich by John Updike who he says is a master writer!
  2. The best place he visited was Lake Powell on a houseboat
  3. His favorite celebrity is Robert De Niro

Lorenzo Marin
Director of Operations

Lorenzo has a specialty with overseeing the operations and business development functions within a company. He has excelled throughout his career and has held multiple executive and senior management level positions. His experience in the mortgage business is nothing short of well-rounded. He has mastered facets of the industry, including but not limited to, loan origination, servicing, foreclosure, and loss mitigation.

Prior to joining the N2 Funding Team, he was the SVP of Operations at Kondaur Capital, LLC, a residential asset management and specialty loan servicing company.

Lorenzo’s extensive knowledge of the industry makes him an invaluable asset to our business. He is often known around the office for being able to resolve any issue – no matter how difficult. He is N2 Funding’s very own magic man!

In Lorenzo’s free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and children. He is most inspired by his wife, who despite being dealt several difficult cards in life, has always continued to push forward, and overcome all.

Fun acts about Lorenzo:

  1. His top bucket list item is to base jump!
  2. His favorite movie is The Goonies and his favorite book is Who Moved my Cheese?
  3. Out of all the places he has been, his favorite was Ireland.

Peter Duong
Director Credit and Underwriting

Peter has an impressive background within the mortgage industry. Currently, he serves as the Director of Credit and Underwriting at N2 Funding. In his role, he is responsible for assessing credit risk and determining eligibility, as well as, overseeing the entirety of the Underwriting department.

Peter finds passion in his work because he understands that buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions someone makes in their lifetime, and he is humbled and thankful to be a part of such an important process. He takes this into account everyday as he works hard to help our broker partners get through the loan process and does his part to help make their borrowers happy.

In Peter’s free time, he enjoys heading to the beach for a nice bike ride and exploring the local area. He is most inspired by his parents who immigrated to America in the  1970’s to chase the “American Dream,” while demonstrating great bravery and courage.

Fun acts about Peter:

  1. His favorite hobby is snowboarding
  2. His top bucket list item is to go hang gliding in Hawaii
  3. His favorite book is Aftershock and his favorite movie is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

David Lopez
Director of Funding

David has been in the mortgage industry for 30 years and has worked for several top lenders including Encore Credit Corporation, Loan Depot, Quality Mortgage, BNC Mortgage, etc. Having extensive experience in the industry has led him to find his passion in the funding department. As the Director of Funding, Dave focuses on building and refining the closing process. He does not fear a challenge, and his ultimate goal is to help build the greatest wholesale lender in the business.

Dave’s positive attitude is infectious around our office, and he is known for his famous tagline “Let’s go!” He can be heard chanting this to help motivate and boost company morale. He is a key aspect to N2 Funding’s culture and success.

During his free time, Dave enjoys spending quality time with his family. He is married to Thi Lopez, who is an Account Manager here at N2 Funding, and they are the proud parents of 6 children. Even though Dave may have his hands full at home, he still manages to bring his contagious, positive energy to our office on a daily basis!

Fun Facts about Dave:

  1. Dave is a huge sports fan! He has been avidly watching sports since he was 2 years old and has grown to be a big supporter of the Rams, Lakers and Dodgers.
  2. His top bucket list item is going to watch the Rams in the SuperBowl.
  3. His favorite movie is Friday and his favorite celebrity is Ice Cube!

Kevin Simpson
Setup Manager

Kevin has been in the mortgage industry since 2003 and has held many different positions. He has worked in both retail and wholesale, in both sales and operations, and even on both the lender and the broker side. Because Kevin has worn so many hats, his mortgage knowledge is extensive, and he is one of the most well-rounded employees at N2 Funding.

Given his experience, Kevin now oversees the Loan Setup and Disclosure departments. He helps facilitate the work structure and flow of the loans from the very beginning of the process, ensuring that all moving parts are functioning at their most efficient levels. Kevin is always seen going above and beyond to help create a successful submission process for our broker partners.

In Kevin’s free time, he enjoys relaxing and spending time with his family. Even then, he still manages to keep his computer close by just in case he is still needed at work! Kevin is inspired by Martin Luther King Jr, and his ability to fight for human rights.

Fun Facts about Kevin:

  1. He is a big Lakers fan and grew up watching the games with his family. He admires Kobe Bryant for always inspiring people to work hard and give their all!
  2. His top bucket list item is to travel to all 7 continents.
  3. His favorite book is Lord of the Flies

Al Duran
Underwriting Manager

Al has over 16 years of experience in the mortgage industry, all of which have been dedicated to expanding his knowledge within the Underwriting Department. He excels with underwriting all types of loan files and specializes in Conforming, FHA, Jumbo and Non-QM loans. His extensive knowledge led him to the Underwriting Manager position where he now manages a team of underwriters.

Al married his high school sweetheart, and together they have one teenage son, as well as two dogs named Beau and Otis! In Al’s free time, he enjoys catching up on some needed sleep and eating tacos.

Fun Facts about Alfred:

  1. His nickname is Derf, which comes from part of his name spelled backwards. He follows in his Dad’s footsteps, as he is also named Alfred and was nicknamed “Derf” growing up.
  2. His favorite movie is The Sandlot and his favorite pastime is baseball.
  3. His top bucket list item would be to visit every baseball stadium in the country!

Dee Anderson
Underwriting Manager

Dee began her mortgage career over 25 years ago and currently operates as an Underwriting Manager for a team here at N2 Funding. She started her career in the funding department, where she was quickly promoted to the team lead. After expanding her knowledge there, she moved onto account management. From there, she was promoted to the Office Manager, where she gained experience in employee management as well as the training and development departments. Soon after, she was granted another promotion and moved onto operating as the Vice President of Account Management.

After moving swiftly through the mortgage industry, Dee decided to try her hand at Underwriting. It was no surprise that she excelled in the position and is now a strong Manager of our Underwriting team. During her mortgage career, she has received several awards including Funder of the Year, the Customer Service Award, Employee of the Month, Years of Service Award, and the #1 Underwriter Award.

In Dee’s free time she enjoys going on nature walks and trying out new foods. She is inspired by all of those who have seen negative times but have risen above despite the difficulties.

Fun Facts about Dee:

  1. Her top bucket list item is to eat at every place on her food goal list!
  2. Her favorite book is Inward.
  3. The best place she has visited is Sedona, Arizona.

Kathy Choe
Underwriting Manager

Kathy started in the mortgage industry over 23 years ago. With a degree in Business Management, she started as a processor and has held various positions in production and management throughout her years.

Her previous experience also includes diverse sales roles which has helped her appreciate the sales team for bringing in the production. She enjoys the challenge of thinking outside of the box and helping in any way she can to make the borrower’s dreams come true. She has worked with Shabi, our President and CEO, for the past 6 years and was promoted to Underwriting Manager. She says that she absolutely loves working in the Underwriting Department!

Kathy is a proud wife and mom of two children. In her free time, she enjoys golfing or sitting out by the beach with a glass of champagne.

Fun Facts about Kathy:

  1. She did not have a name until she was almost 1 year old.
  2. Her favorite book is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch because she used to read it to her kids.
  3. The best place she has ever visited was Korea!